Lehman ENG110 Assignment Calendar, Spring 2010

Lehman ENG110 Assignment Calendar, Spring 2010 | | Monday, 2/8 | Wednesday, 2/10 | Monday, 2/15 | Wednesday, 2/17 | Monday, 2/22 | Wednesday, 2/24 | Monday, 3/1 | Wednesday, 3/3 | Monday, 3/8 | Wednesday, 3/10 | Monday, 3/15 | Wednesday, 3/17 | Sunday, 3/21 | Monday, 3/22 | Wednesday, 3/24 | Monday, 3/29 | Wednesday, 3/31 | Monday, 4/5 | Wednesday, 4/7 | Monday, 4/12 | Wednesday, 4/14 | Monday, 4/19 | Wednesday, 4/21 | Monday, 4/26 | Wednesday, 4/28 | Monday, 5/3 | Wednesday, 5/5 | Monday, 5/10 | Wednesday, 5/12 | Monday, 5/17 | Wednesday, 5/19

Week 1

Monday, 2/8

Fill out student questionnaire, Group introductions, distribute syllabus, go over course requirements and policies
Create a wikispaces account and sign up for the group page for the class. (See Instructions Below)[[#_ftn1|[1]]]

WLE #1 : “Encounters with the written Word” Due 2/10
Make sure you pick up your book Great Writing: A Reader for Writers from Carman Hall Room 189 before class on Wednesday

Wednesday, 2/10

Canceled for snow
n Class: Read handout: “Introduction to Prewriting” (Postponed for snow. We will go over this on Monday/22)

In Class: work on Brainstorming, planning. WLE#2 (Part 1) : “The Examined Life: Prewriting for Essay #1)
Read GW: “Introduction: The Writing Process” Pgs 1-8.

Write: WLE #2, Part I
Essay #1 , First Draft due 3/1; (Second draft due to instructor 3/3; additional drafts/ revisions can be turned in any time, but no later than 3/17)

Monday, 2/15

NO CLASS (Midwinter Break)[[#_ftn2|[2]]]

Wednesday, 2/17

NO CLASS (Midwinter Break)

Week 2

Monday, 2/22

Moved from Snow Day: In Class: Read Handout:"Introduction to Prewriting."

Moved from snow day): In Class: work on Brainstorming, planning. WLE #2 (part 1)
Write: WLE #2 (part 2)

Read GW:
“Description.” pgs 10-17.

Read GW: “Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White. Pgs 24-30

Write: WLE #3 : “Responding to Descriptive Writing: E.B. White’s ‘Once More to the Lake’”

Wednesday, 2/24

Due: Essay #1 First Draft Peer Review. (postponed for snow)

We will work on peer reviews in class. Corbett will bring snacks

In Class: Read:
Handout “Strong Body Paragraphs”
Write: Revise Essay #1 based on Peer commentary and review. Second Draft Due 3/3

Read: GW:
“Mantis” by Annie

Write: WLE #4 : “Responding to Descriptive Writing: Annie Dillard’s ‘Mantis’”

Week 3

Monday, 3/1

Due: Essay #1 First Draft for Peer Review.
Read: GW: “The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf
Write/Revise: Second Draft of Essay #1 Due Wednesday.
NOTE: Evaluation Draft of Essay #1 is due no later than 3/17.

Wednesday, 3/3

Due: Essay #1 Second Draft Due to Instructor.

Must have First Draft and Peer Review Sheet attached BEHIND Second Draft. Must Complete Literacy Snapshot Postwrite #1 and include with second draft.
Write: WLE #5: “Writing a Descriptive Essay – Planning”

Week 4

Monday, 3/8

In Class: WLE #6 – “Organizing the Think Sheet”
Write: First Draft of Essay #2 Due Monday

Wednesday, 3/10

Due: Essay #2 : Descriptive Essay, First Draft Due for Peer Review

Read: GW: “Definition,” pgs 464-472.

Read: GW: Model Definition Essay TBD

Write: WLE #7 : “Wiki Project Stage 1”
!!!!Wiki Project MUST be completed by Midnight, Sunday March 21
Week 5

Monday, 3/15

Write/Revise: Second Draft of Paper #2 due to instructor on Wednesday.

Read: GW: TBD

Wednesday, 3/17

Due: Essay #2 : Second Draft due to Instructor

===Due: Last Day to turn in evaluation Draft of Essay # 1 . ===
=== Literacy Snapshot Postwrite #2 must be included with submission. ===

Read: GW: Model Definition Essay TBD


Keep working on Wiki Project.

Note: Evaluation Draft of Essay #2 Due no Later than 4/7

Sunday, 3/21

Due: Wiki Project Must be Complete By Midnight, Sunday, March 21

Week 6

Monday, 3/22

In Class: WLE #8 : “Prewriting the Definition Essay”
Read: GW: Model Definition Essay TBD

Wednesday, 3/24

In Class: WLE #9 : “Model Definition Essay Ponderings”
Write: First Draft of Essay #3 due 4/7.

Monday, 3/29

NO CLASS (Spring Recess)

Wednesday, 3/31

NO CLASS (Spring Recess)

Week 7

Monday, 4/5

NO CLASS (Spring Recess)

Wednesday, 4/7

Due: Essay #3 first draft due for peer review.

Read: GW: “Exemplification” pgs 144-151

Read: GW: “Courtship Through the ages” by James Thurber
Classes resume.[[#_ftn3|[3]]]
Week 8

Monday, 4/12

In Class: Write: WRE #10 : “Writing the World”
Write/Revise: Essay #3 second Draft due Wednesday

Wednesday, 4/14

Due: Essay #3 second draft due to Instructor.

In Class: Read: Model Essay Handout

In Class: WRE #11 : Discerning Evidence from Commentary”
Read: GW: “Causal Analysis”

Read: GW: “Smart Bombs”

Write: WLE #12 : “Prewriting the Free Choice Essay”

Write: WLE #13 : “Pitching the Free Choice Essay”
Last Day to turn in Evaluation Draft of Essay #3 is 4/28
Week 9

Monday, 4/19

In Class: Get together with your pitch buddy and compare notes.

THEN: Write: WLE #14 : Post-Pitch Ponderings: Claims and Counterarguments”
Read Handout: “Introductions and Conclusions”

Read: GW: Model Essay, TBD

Write: WLE #15 : “The Art of the Introductory Paragraph”

Wednesday, 4/21

Due: Essay #4 First draft due for peer review

Write: WLE: #16 : “Preparing to sell your stance”

Week 10

Monday, 4/26

Peer Review: Your Choice (Paper 4 is a good bet though!)
Write: Essay #4 Second Draft due to Instructor Wednesday.

Wednesday, 4/28

Due: Essay #4 Second draft due to instructor.

Peer Review: Your Choice.

Brainstorm Cover Designs for Evaluation portfolio .
Write: Whatever you need to write, be writing it!

Start getting your Evaluation Portfolios together.

Start putting together a Cover Design for Evaluation Portfolio .

Week 11

Monday, 5/3

In Class: WLE: #17 : “Prewriting the Cover Letter”
Don’t Procrastinate. It’s Coming.

You should be revising Paper #4 if you are planning to include it in your Evaluation Portfolio.

Get together two copies of your DRAFT of your Evaluation Portfolio for Wednesday for Peer Review and Norming.
Last Day to withdraw[[#_ftn4|[4]]]

Wednesday, 5/5

Due: Evaluation Portfolio Drafts for Peer Review and Norming

Week 12

Monday, 5/10

Due: Evaluation Portfolio Cover Letter for Peer Review

Wednesday, 5/12

DUE: Evaluation Portfolio !!!!!! Three Drafts

These must have all indications of Authorship removed. This means all mentions of your name must be removed from two copies of the portfolio. Where your name would normally appear on the upper right hand corner of each page, place your Portfolio ID number. This is to ensure that your readers are not guided by personal feelings about you while they evaluate your portfolio.)
You have now received a copy of two student’s Evaluation Portfolios . At home, over the weekend, read the student’s work and evaluate it based on the Portfolio Scoring Criteria.

Write 1-2 paragraphs justifying your score.

Week 13

Monday, 5/17

Prepare for Final Exam

Last Day of Class

Wednesday, 5/19

Final Exam in Class

Celebrate in Healthy Ways!!

[[#_ftnref|[1]]] How to Become a wikispaces Member and Join the course website
1) To sign in to the course Website, type in the URL CUNYComposers.wikispaces.com
2) You will be brought to a page called “CUNY Composers” that says “
Welcome to CUNY Composers.” **In the top right corner of the page, click “Join.”
3) In the spaces provided, enter create a username (preferably your name), enter an email address and create a password. Make sure the box that says “Create a Wiki” is checked no for now. Follow any additional instructions and enter any additional information requested by the site.
4) On the left hand of the page you will find links to important class documents. Check here for important updates.

[[#_ftnref|[2]]] Important Note about Midwinter Recess: Although the college is open from Tuesday 2/17 – Friday 2/20, the high schools are closed for midwinter recess and College Now courses will not meet this week.
[[#_ftnref|[3]]] Important Note: High schools do not resume classes until Wednesday April 7, however the college will resume classes on Tuesday April 6.
[[#_ftnref|[4]]] Note: Students who wish to withdraw from CN course MUST come to CN office in Carman Hall Room 189 by May 3 to fill out paperwork. Failure to do so can result in failure for the course.