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a Wiki for Corbett Treece's Composition Classes in CUNY. This page serves as the homebase for Corbett's composition classes at both LaGuardia Community College and Lehman College. Find the links to your left that correspond to your college and class.

Contact info and Hours for Spring 2010:

Corbett Treece email


Campus hours:

LaGuardia Community College

Currently not ON Campus. Will return March 8 when classes begin.
Schedule will be: Mondays / Wednesdays
Office hours: Monday 11:45-12:45 in MB14; Can stay up to 20 minutes for additional questions after M/W 103 class, in room or office. At 2:20, though, I'm gone. Must leave for Lehman.
Classroom: ENC101 Monday 9:15-11:30; Wednesday 9:15-12:45
Classroom: ENG103 Monday/Wednesdays: 1:00-2:00

Lehman College/College Now On Campus

Mondays/Wednesdays Unofficial Office hours
(by appointment): M/W 3:45-4:10/5:50-6:15
Classroom: M/W 4:10-5:50